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Who has to be involved in managing stress and psychosocial risks?

Stressful conversation at the workplace

The key is to involve everyone — employers, managers and workers — in working together to create a good psychosocial work environment.

Managers should allow workers to raise issues and encourage them to help find solutions to reduce or minimise psychosocial risks in the workplace. A good manager will inspire and motivate workers, understand their strengths and weaknesses, encourage them to work towards shared goals and foster high morale. An understanding of workers’ problems outside work will also help to create a supportive working environment.

For their part, by sharing their knowledge of the workplace with employers and managers, workers help to identify problems and find and implement solutions. Involving workers is key to successfully managing psychosocial risks. By consulting workers, managers create a climate of trust in which workers are more likely to raise concerns. Involving workers in developing preventive measures gives them ownership of the solution, ensuring that it is more likely to be effective.

Working together requires a continuous two-way dialogue between managers and workers. This means talking to each other, listening to each other’s concerns and sharing views.

Support is available from a number of user-friendly practical tools and resources to assess and manage psychosocial risks in the workplace.