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How can stress and psychosocial risks be managed?

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This campaign emphasises that psychosocial risks can be assessed and managed in the same systematic way as other occupational safety and health risks.

The standard risk assessment model and a participative approach are the ideal way of identifying the risks and tackling the issue:

  • First, identify the hazards and those potentially at risk.

Managers and workers need to be aware of psychosocial risks and the early warning signs of work-related stress.

  • Second, evaluate and prioritise the risks.

Decide which risks are of highest concern and focus on working on these first.

  • Third, plan preventive action.

A plan needs to be put in place to prevent psychosocial risks from occurring. If risks are not avoidable, think about how they can be minimised.

  • Fourth, implement the plan.

You should specify the measures to be taken, the resources required, the people involved and the time frame.

  • Finally, monitor and review on an ongoing basis.

You should be prepared to amend the plan in response to the results of monitoring.

Remember that people can react differently to the same set of circumstances. Your psychosocial risk assessment should take account of workers’ abilities and needs (e.g. those related to gender, age or experience).

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