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Facts and figures about stress and psychosocial risks

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The statistics are sobering:

  • Work-related stress is the second most frequently reported work-related health problem in Europe — after musculoskeletal disorders. Around half of workers consider it to be common in their workplace.
  • 50–60% of all lost working days can be attributed to work-related stress.
  • In a recent European poll conducted by EU-OSHA the most common causes of work-related stress cited were job reorganisation or job insecurity (72% of respondents), working long hours or excessive workload (66%) and being bullied or harassed at work (59%).
  • The same poll showed that around 4 in 10 workers think that stress is not handled well in their workplace.
  • Typically, stress-related absences tend to be longer than those arising from other causes.

According to EUROSTAT data, over a period of nine years, 28% of European workers reported exposure to psychosocial risks that affected their mental well-being.

The good news is that psychosocial risks can be prevented and managed regardless of business size or type.