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Become an official campaign partner

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Official campaign partners
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Pan-European and international companies and organisations are encouraged to become part of a privileged circle of campaign partners actively participating in the Healthy Workplaces Campaign. Becoming a campaign partner means committing to some or all of the following activities:

  • distributing and publicising information about the campaign;
  • promoting the campaign through your website, electronic newsletter, etc.;
  • organising events and activities such as seminars, workshops and training sessions devoted to managing work-related stress and psychosocial risks;
  • producing best-practice videos or multimedia DVDs.

We support our campaign partners by providing a welcome pack and readily accessible information on a restricted web platform. In return for getting actively involved, campaign partners enjoy a number of benefits, including:

  • publicity on a dedicated section of the campaign website detailing the activities you have supported and including your logo, contact details and a link to your website;
  • the opportunity to promote relevant online press releases or reports of activities through the News section of this website and in our electronic newsletter, OSHmail, reaching over 56,000 subscribers;
  • an honourable mention whenever we promote the Healthy Workplaces Campaign at EU level.

Campaign partners are also eligible to apply directly to EU-OSHA for the European Good Practice Awards 2014–15.

Learn more about the 2014-15 campaign partnership offer.

The deadline to apply for the HWC 2014-15 partnership is over