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UNIEP Union Internationale des Entrepreneurs de Peinture

UNIEP Union Internationale des Entrepreneurs de Peinture

Markus Straube


"Health and security of our employees in SMEs is our main concern and for this reason we endorse the goal of the agency and of this campaign against work related stress to point out the risks linked to psychosocial troubles."

Type of organisation:
Employer organisations
Business sector:
Painting/Decorator/Finishing sector
Mission statement:
The mission of UNIEP is to represent the interests of Painting Contractors at the European level and to be the voice of SMEs in the Painting and Decorating sector in Europe.
Our Campaign Pledge:

First of all, being UNIEP an European association that represents SMEs in the painting, decorating and finishing sector we intent to inform and sensitize the enterprises we represent through the national associations on the issue of managing stress and moreover on the costs that workers affected by stress can cause for an enterprise. We plan to make an information at national level through each of our national association members through professional magazines, annual meetings, newsletter and website. The following step will be to ask to each of our national members if best practices already exist at national level through a questionnaire whenever available.After this first action of spreading and collecting information, we plan to organize a tailor made event open to companies, associations and manufacturers in order to assess the impact of the campaign and measure the initiatives that will be put in place by our members.

UNIEP Union Internationale des Entrepreneurs de Peinture

2 Circuit de la Foire Internationale L-1347 Luxembourg

Rue Jacques de Lalaing 4

1040 Brussels




Tel: 003222850706

Fax: 003222307861

Contact Persons

Patrizia Di Mauro

Health and Safety Representative

Patrizia Di Mauro