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European Aggregates Association (UEPG)

European Aggregates Association (UEPG)

Arnaud Colson


"Working together on ‘managing stress at work’"

Type of organisation:
Employer organisations
Business sector:
Aggregates (crushed stone, sand & gravel)
Mission statement:
UEPG’s top priority is prevention of injuries and occupational ill-health – UEPG member companies are dedicated to ensuring the health and safety of their employees, contractors and visitors, as well as members of the public who may be affected by their operations. UEPG has developed further partnerships with these priorities in mind. On safety, the industry recognises that further improvement is needed, and addresses actively that challenge with the whole supply chain.
Our Campaign Pledge:

Through its 30 national members, UEPG aims to involve workers through to senior managers and directors to target risk reduction utilising the full range of UEPG initiatives and recommendations.  

UEPG will contribute further by leveraging its position as partner of the tripartite EU Sectoral Social Dialogue Agreement on ‘silica’ (NePSi)..

UEPG will dedicate meetings, informative campaign, and pages on publications and its website on the new Campaign.   Specifically, we will be inviting an EU-OSHA expert on ‘managing stress’ to address UEPG’s Health & Safety Committee in Brussels, in October 2014.  This will benefit, directly, representatives from amongst UEPG’s 30 Member countries

UEPG has a number of other partners at European level as well as at worldwide level through its membership to ISSA-Mining (International Social Security Association) and through the Global Aggregates Information Network (GAIN) from New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, Brazil, Colombia, USA, Canada, Israel, etc.

European Aggregates Association (UEPG)

21, Rue d' Arlon

BE-1050 Brussels




Tel: 0032 22 33 53 00


Contact Persons

Miette Dechelle

Health and Safety Representative

Martin Isles