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TRW Automotive Safety Systems GmbH

TRW Automotive Safety Systems GmbH

Thomas Koenig

Vice President, Global Health, Safety & Environment

"Safety is a key value for TRW and a precondition for success of our business. A safe work place is essential as a foundation for world-class operations. Providing a safe work place is a basic element in establishing trust and confidence; we can build upon it to achieve our strategic business priorities of best quality, lowest cost, and innovative technology in all regions. As a global leader in technology we have the expertise and experience to do things The Right Way, the first time and every time, for HS&E programs. "

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Mission statement:
The HS&E efforts are an integral part of TRW’s financial success and the growth of the company. Health, safety and environmental leadership may come from management, but it is the employees manufacturing the products who use the HS&E practices every day. In a sense, the company that “put the thinking into safety systems” also put the thinking into product design and employee safety.
Our Campaign Pledge:

- provide a link to the OSHAS web page on our internet home page

- provide a link to the OSHAS web page and campaign materials on our HS&E intranet home page

- promote the campaign at our national HS&E workshop that are held in each country twice a year

- develop and implement pilot projects to manage stress at three sites in different countries

TRW Automotive Safety Systems GmbH

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Regine Maegerlein

Health and Safety Representative

Thomas Koenig