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Toyota Material Handling Europe

Toyota Material Handling Europe

Matthias Fischer


"When it comes to safety, prevention is always the best cure. The health and safety of our employees and those who use our products are central to our commitment to being a reliable business partner and a responsible member of society. Our goal is accident-free workplaces and we see participation with EU-OSHA through Leadership and Worker Participation as a way to build on our risk assessment and prevention and safety training programmes. And promote a safe working culture internally and with our business associates. The Toyota Material Handling Europe organisation fully supports the EU-OSHA safety initiative as a way of helping us all to be safer together."

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Our mission is to be the first choice partner for all customers looking for materials handling solutions and to be widely recognised for our innovative products and services and respect for society. We aim to do this by delivering quality products and services and by working closely with our customers to find the right materials handling solutions for their needs. We strive to provide a safe, stimulating and rewarding work experience for our employees with an emphasis on individual initiative and teamwork.
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As a major employer in Europe, we are very focused on the importance of health in the workplace and the impact it can have both on our people and on our business,” Peter Damberg, Senior Vice President, Toyota Material Handling Europe, “Previous initiatives of this type, working in partnership with EU-OSHA have proved extremely beneficial – and we can extend and share our experiences also when working with our customers.

Toyota Material Handling Europe

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