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European Steel Association - EUROFER

European Steel Association - EUROFER

Axel Eggert

Director General

"Health and safety at work are the core issues for steel workers and employers at all levels. This is clearly one of the key messages resulting from the joint survey on psycho-social constraints in the steel industry launched by the European social partners in the steel sector. Learning from each other is an important objective in strengthening social dialogue on the European level."

Type of organisation:
Employer organisations
Business sector:
Steel sector
Mission statement:
The European Steel Association - EUROFER- is located in Brussels and was founded in 1976. It represents 100 per cent of steel production in the European Union. EUROFER members are steel companies and national steel federations throughout the EU. The major steel companies and national steel federations in Switzerland and Turkey are associate members. The European steel industry is a world leader in its sector with direct employment of about 335 thousand highly skilled people, producing on average 170 million tonnes of steel per year. More than 500 steel production sites in 24 EU Member States provide direct and indirect employment and a living for more than 1 500 000 of European citizens. Closely integrated with the European manufacturing industries, steel producers provide the basic material for innovation, growth and wealth in Europe.
Our Campaign Pledge:

This campaign will be further discussed in the framework of the Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee on Steel, together with industriAll Trade union Europe, also partner of the campaign. EUROFER will promote this campaign via both its website and social media (via twitter @EUROFER_eu). In addition, we will disseminate the Campaign information to our members which includes both major steel companies all over Europe and national steel federations.


European Steel Association - EUROFER

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Nathalie Darge