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Telecom Italia Spa

Telecom Italia Spa

Marco Emilio Angelo Patuano


"Dr. Patuano supported the project "Accompagniamo il cambiamento" through the collaboration and the commitment of some of his Vice Presidents."

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Business sector:
Mission statement:
Telecom Italia is committed to analysing the impact of organisational change on work-related stress and defining an action plan to address the relevant critical factors. These are the main goals of the project "Accompagniamo il cambiamento" started in September 2013.
Our Campaign Pledge:

On 11/11/2014, Ing. Antonella Zolla took part in a lecture at Policlinico Tor Vergata showing the results of the project "Accompagniamo il cambiamento".

On 17/11/2014, Telecom Italia spread  the news about its participation in the project through its intranet website.

On 26/11/2014, Telecom Italia will participate in the workshop RISCHI PSICOSOCIALI: Focus sullo “STRESS LAVORO CORRELATO” organized by Poste Italiane. The workshop is focused on work-related stress issues and the most important Italian companies will participate. 

Telecom Italia will continue by:

  • publishing news about the project,
  • taking part in conferences promoting the campaign,
  • sharing its experience on work-related stress issues with other companies and public institutes in order to improve global performance.

Telecom Italia Spa

Via Gaetano Negri 1 - 20123 Milan

Corso d'Italia 41 - 00198 Rome

20123 Milano




Tel: +39285951


Contact Persons

Antonella Zolla

Health and Safety Representative

Antonella Zolla