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Jean-François Poupard

General Director

"Stress at work is one of the most important causes of disease in modern society; it touches white collars as much as blue collars in all activity sectors. To learn to manage stress is essential to ameliorate working conditions."

Type of organisation:
Business sector:
Mission statement:
Assistance to works councils and workers representatives in France and other European countries in order to help them understand the social, economic and financial situation of their enterprises. Assistance to health and safety committees with regards to working conditions and health and safety issues. Training activities on behalf of workers representatives. Carrying out of European projects and European researches on behalf of national, European or international organisms (European social partners, European Commission...)
Our Campaign Pledge:

We'll celebrate a stakeholders seminar on stress management, in Paris, with about 30 participants.

The main objective will be to help health and safety committees and management to work together on stress prevention.

The event will be exclusively dedicated to the topic of the Campaign. We'll distribute campaign material to the participants.

We'll send a press release to specialized media and we'll also publish it on our website. We'll include your logo and link in our websites.

Whenever possible, when carrying out our fields studies we'll mention EU OSHA'S campaign.


22 rue Pajol

75876 Paris Cedex 18 Paris




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Contact Persons

Ana Isabel Martinez Garcia

Health and Safety Representative

Catherine Allemand