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Siemens AG

Siemens AG

Dr. Ralf Franke

Head of Environmental Protection, Health Management and Safety

"Health management is firmly embedded in the business strategy and values of Siemens. All for a good reason: we are convinced that health is at the core of our wellbeing as individuals and as a company."

Type of organisation:
Business sector:
Electronics and electrical engineering
Mission statement:
Our declared aim is to unleash our full potential as an integrated technology company. That means, we’re continually exploiting the advantages of our global presence, financial clout, brand strength, power of innovation and, last but not least, the expertise, commitment and diversity of our employees.
Our Campaign Pledge:

We will raise awareness throughout management and employee levels to recognize workplace health as our common responsibility. We will provide a channel to reach out at all of our stakeholders, making the topic even more visible and fostering motivation.

Siemens AG

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Ralf Franke