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Dr. Patricia Such Faro

Head of Health and Safety, SEAT Group

"At SEAT, we care about the health and wellbeing of our employees. That refers to their physical integrity as well as to their mental health. We are aware that a safe workplace not only protects the worker from physiological risks, but also from psychosocial risks. That’s why we recently initiated the first Psychosocial Risk Assessment at SEAT. We are convinced that the collaboration with EU-OSHA in the Healthy Workplaces Campaign can help us to implement tools and measures to improve the well-being of our employees and make SEAT an even healthier workplace. "

Type of organisation:
Business sector:
automotive industry
Mission statement:
We are the only car company in the sector with the full-range capacity to design, develop, manufacture and market cars in Spain. We employ 13,000 professionals at our three production centres and 900 engineers whose goal is to be the driving force behind innovation for the number one industrial investor in R&D in Spain. In-line with our declared commitment to environmental protection, we undertake and base our core activity on sustainability, namely reduction of CO2 emissions, energy efficiency, as well as recycling and re-use of resources.
Our Campaign Pledge:

We will provide information about the campaign and a link to the campaign website on our intranet, and distribute campaign materials provided by EU-OSHA to our employees. We are conducting a psychosocial risk assessment for all our workforce, and developing stress prevention programmes for employees at all levels of the organisation. Furthermore, we would be happy to organise a benchmarking workshop at SEAT in cooperation with EU-OSHA.


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