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Emmanuel CHARLOT

Associate Director

"Promoting healthy workplaces and psychosocial risk prevention is our day-to-day commitment through a holistic approach, from the organizational aspects to the individual assistance. Together with all the Psya team we’re proud to support the Healthy Workplaces Campaign."

Type of organisation:
OSH professionals
Business sector:
Psychosocial risks prevention
Mission statement:
Psya, French leader in Psychosocial risks prevention and management, was set up in 1997 in France and is also located in Spain since 2008 and Italy since 2010. As an European group, our mission is to promote health at work, wellbeing and quality of life. Therefore, we developped a holistic approach for companies in order to support them in the 3 levels of prevention, from organizational level - Primary level: psychosocial risks assessment-, through management and inter-relational level - Secondary level: training and coaching, to individual level - Tertiary level: individual assistance and support programs. Besides, from the very beginning of Psya we always dedicate a large part of our activity for communication, awareness and networking with institutions to promote health and wellbeing at work. Being an official partner is for us a wonderful opportunity to join a network of committed professional going towards the same goal: believing that healthy workplaces are those who manage stress and are the future of productive organizations and better society.
Our Campaign Pledge:

As an official campaign partner we will divulgate and promote the content of the campaign through various events and materials. We organize several events in the three countries where Psya is located : France, Italy and Spain. The next one, scheduled in Paris on June 19th, is our annual well known event where more than 200 HR Health and Safety representatives will attend.  EU OSHA will participate as well as the French national focal point. The following one will take place in Milan on June 25th titled “Stress lavoro-correlato e qualita della vita al lavoro : a che punto siamo ?” In Spain, Psya Asistencia is very active in promoting well being good practices and closely collaborates with specialized press media such as Observatorio de Recursos Humanos and H&S organization such as PRL Innovacion (next PsychoSocial event scheduled on June 25th in Madrid). Campaign will be also announced in our main publications such as our newsletters, websites, press releases, social networks and interviews.


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