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International Safety and Health Construction Co-ordinators' Organisation (ISHCCO)

International Safety and Health Construction Co-ordinators' Organisation (ISHCCO)

Richard Habgood


"Working together to manage stress is an active campaign for ISHCCO. For all actors within the construction process allowing sufficient time and resources to properly prepare and manage activities is of paramount importance for the coordination of safety and health at temporary or mobile construction sites. Initially, our attention focuses on the directly involved parties such as clients, project supervisors, contractor’s designers and their employees. In the management of this construction process, stress is generated but with our member’s help all actors can manage this by co-operating and working well with each other. Outside of these actors we must not forget all indirect parties such as manufacturers’ and suppliers of construction materials and equipment including all others that can have an impact on the environment of the construction sites. The safety campaign 'Working together to manage stress” will certainly help us to ensure good working practices for the management of health and safety risk within a construction project, and as an overarching international organisation of Safety and Health Coordinators, we see us obliged to fully support this campaign and to promote it through all our members, and beyond."

Type of organisation:
OSH professionals
Business sector:
Mission statement:
Assistance to the HSC trough their national associations . Affirm the professional identity of the HSC in Europe: - Representation of the HSC at the European authorities and participation to the elaboration and adaptation of the ED; - Make recognize and defend the professionalization of the HS-coordination; - Promote the specific education of the HSC; - Ensure the professional qualifications of the HSC . Facilitate the exchange of information . Support multilateral collaboration: - One single voice; - Represent the National Members at European and international authorities, organizations or agencies, public or private; - Assert the status, role and responsibility of HSC in society; - Safeguard and promote the professional interests of HSC; - Facilitate their free movement and free establishment in Europe. Interactions and multilateral contacts . Enlargement of the National Members Collaboration with OSHA-EU: - Support the prevention campaigns; - Stakeholder.
Our Campaign Pledge:

We pledge to fully inform our member organisations about how they can contribute to the Campaign and to get them to spread all important messages to their own members. ISHCCO represents over 70.000 co-ordinators throughout EU member countries. We further pledge to give the “Working together to manage stress” campaign full cognisance at all of our meetings and presentations and to disseminate Campaign materials to our members whenever practicable.

International Safety and Health Construction Co-ordinators' Organisation (ISHCCO)

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Richard Habgood

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Richard Habgood