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Intel International B.V.

Intel International B.V.

Shlomo Cohen

Site Manager

""We believe in an 'Injury-Free Environment' which embraces the philosophy that all injuries and incidents are preventable. Intel Amsterdam is committed to providing a healthy and safe workplace, free of occupational injury and illness, to all our employees and workers. Our goals of Health and Safety are inseparable from efficient and effective operation of our business. We emphasize individual responsibility for safety by all employees and at all levels of management.""

Type of organisation:
Business sector:
Logistics Distribution Centre
Mission statement:
Be EMEA trusted Supply Chain partner of choice by delivering competitive and innovative Logistics Services through involved and inspired people.
Our Campaign Pledge:

Integrate our own safety and health roadmap with EU-OSHA, using our resources (Plasma screens, start up meetings and staff meetings, quarterly newsletter, RestRoomer Canteen table menus etc.) and EU -OSHA campaign material and research, to sustain a safe and healthy workplace for all our employees, contractors and visitors.

Intel International B.V.

Capronilaan 37

1119NG Schiphol Rijk




Tel: +31- 020-659-1800


Contact Persons

Noam Arad

Health and Safety Representative

Noam Arad