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industriAll European Trade Union

industriAll European Trade Union

Bart Samyn

Deputy General Secretary

"Ever increasing productivity, increases the stress at work. We have to be aware of the consequences and the dangers involved in stress related issues: these can affect the workforce directly through increased risk, through accidents and bodily harm, but also indirectly in a psychological perspective, through burn-outs and in extreme cases even suicides. Stress at work is thus a real and serious problem that we have to tackle in a responsible way."

Type of organisation:
Trade unions
Business sector:
Manufacturing sectors
Mission statement:
IndustriAll European Trade Union is actively involved with all trade union matters on the European level and coordinates the national policies of its (250+) affiliated members throughout Europe (not limited to the E.U.). We represent 7,1 million affiliated trade union members in the manufacturing industries (including all metal related sectors, all chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical and mining related sectors and all textiles, clothing and leather related sectors). Health and safety is logically in our sectors, a high priority and key issue. IN this perspective we are amongst others also active in Reach, Nepsi and other health and safety initiatives and actions.
Our Campaign Pledge:

We will distribute and promote the campaign throughout our activities – not restricted to health and safety – from the execvutive committee to the working groups. Health and safety has to form an integral part of our awareness and we will promote it as such. Especially in the field of collective bargaining (agreements can be a very succesfull instrument for this ), social policy and company policy (dissemination through the 700+ European Work Councils we follow) we will promote the campaign and highlight the issues involved.


industriAll European Trade Union

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Contact Persons

Isabelle Barthes

Health and Safety Representative

Isabelle Barthes