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EWHN (European Work Hazards Network)

EWHN (European Work Hazards Network)

Graziano Frigeri

General Director

"Responsible for organization of events and campaign activities"

Type of organisation:
OSH professionals
Business sector:
Campaigns on Health and Safety at Work
Mission statement:
We are scientists skilled in improving of health and safety standards. We are Occupational Health specialists. We are policy makers working in the labour inspectorates, employed by private companies, working with Trade Unions responsible for the improvement of working environment. We are Trade Union activists, Workers Councils Representatives interested in the improvement of working conditions and standards regarding Health and Safety and well-being of workers. We are interested in technical and human relations issues concerning the improvement of working environment and working conditions. We are in first place citizens who are aware that we have to make the improvements we want, we need, we have to make them ourselves, together with other workers, researchers, scientists and policy makers.
Our Campaign Pledge:

We'll organize workshops, seminars and publish information materials on stress risk assessment and prevention and protection measures.

EWHN (European Work Hazards Network)

Piazza della Pace 5

I-43038 Sala Baganza




Tel: +390521336184

Fax: +390521839957

Contact Persons

Graziano Frigeri

Health and Safety Representative

Ornella Zanconato