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European Transport Safety Council

European Transport Safety Council

Antonio Avenoso


"Reducing stress within Workplace Health Promotion contributes to safer driving conditions and improved road safety."

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ETSC is a Brussels-based independent non-profit organisation dedicated to the reduction of the number and severity of transport crash injuries in Europe. ETSC provides an impartial source of expert advice on transport safety matters to the European Commission, the European Parliament, and Member States. It maintains its independence through funding from a variety of sources including membership subscriptions, the European Commission, and public and private sector support for various activities. ETSC seeks to identify and promote effective measures on the basis of international scientific research and best practice in areas which offer the greatest potential for a reduction in transport crashes and casualties. It provides factual information in the form of scientific reports, fact sheets and newsletters in support of high safety standards in EU harmonisation, the take up of best practice and transport safety research. ETSC also organises several conferences yearly, including the European Transport Safety Lecture, Road Safety PIN Conference and the European Transport Safety Lunches.
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Disseminating information about the Campaign through the ETSC network Promoting the Campaign via the ETSC website and in the ETSC Safety Monitor Where appropriate coordinate with EUOSHA in terms of events/seminars.

European Transport Safety Council

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Ellen Townsend

Health and Safety Representative

Antonio Avenoso