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European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU)

European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU)

Jan Willem Goudriaan

General Secretary

"Psycho-social risks and stress at the workplace have become one of the two most important health and safety risks for European workers, including for those working in public services. For EPSU the reduction and elimination of stress and psychological problems is a priority, part of good working conditions and work places and an important task for work place representatives to tackle. Workers and employers should act together to identify and eradicate the causes of stress and psycho-social risks at work by giving particular attention to work organisation, work load and work intensity. The EU OSHA Healthy Workplace Campaign “Healthy Workplaces Manage Stress” will be instrumental to make progress in this regard."

Type of organisation:
Trade unions
Business sector:
Public services: Health and social services, local, regional and national government, utilities (electricity, gas, water, waste)
Mission statement:
EPSU is the European Federation of Public Service Unions. The over 265 EPSU affiliates in about 45 countries organise around 8 million public service workers in the energy, water and waste sectors, in health and social services and in local and national administration in all European countries including in the EU’s Eastern Neighbourhood. EPSU is the recognised EU-level sectorial social dialogue partner on the trade union side for the sectors of central government, electricity, gas, hospitals/health care and local and regional government. EPSU is member of the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) and the recognised regional organisation of Public Services International (PSI). EPSU promotes the interests of workers in public services for the sectors mentioned above and of their trade unions in Europe. The principles of equal rights and opportunities and of gender equality are central to EPSU’s work. EPSU also promotes a social Europe, through labour market, social and economic policies to advance social justice and decent work, employment and social inclusion, quality public services for all and social dialogue at all levels.
Our Campaign Pledge:

EPSU supports the EU OSHA’s Healthy Workplace Campaign 2014-2015 “Healthy Workplaces Manage Stress” with our member organisations. We will distribute and promote the campaign throughout our activities, including in EPSU’s Standing Committees, via our website and in EPSU’s Newsletter. In the context of a joint project with HOSPEEM, “Addressing musculoskeletal disorders and psycho-social risks and stress at work in the hospital sector (2014-2016)”, EPSU will co-organise a conference on 10 November 2015 in Helsinki, together with EPSU's Finnish affiliates JHL, Superliitto and Tehy, to help us to identify the main risks and challenges but also solutions in the hospital/health care sector and to work towards an agreement and commitment on what the social partners on all level can and should do to reduce and eliminate the risks. EU-OSHA will be invited to play a role in the event and in the joint project. The campaign will also be reflected in EPSU’s work on social and employment policy. EPSU’s work on the prevention and reduction of psycho-social risks and stress at work will take into account the European autonomous framework agreement on work-related stress (2004).


European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU)

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Mathias Maucher

Health and Safety Representative

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