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European Cockpit Association

Nico Voorbach


""There is a vast area of health and safety issues which affect the pilots’ health but don't always receive the necessary attention they deserve. A pilot myself, I know how important it is to be in good shape, healthy and to be working in a safe environment. It is crucial because you are the one responsible for the lives of many passengers. This campaign is a corner stone work for a consistent improvement in the occupational safety of pilots. With our partnership in this campaign we are aiming to raise awareness within our member associations, share best practices with the pilot community, as well as involve other stakeholders""

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The European Cockpit Association represents the collective interests of its Member Associations at European level, striving for the highest levels of aviation safety and fostering social rights and quality employment for pilots in Europe.
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The European Cockpit Association will organise dedicated health and safety meetings on a regular basis that will serve as a platform to share best practices between our members. The campaign will be promoted through a press release, our monthly cockpit news, ECA's website, Facebook and other social media.

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