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DuPont Sustainable Solutions

DuPont Sustainable Solutions

Mieke Jacobs

Global Practice Leader for Employee Safety

"We are proud to be an official partner of the EU-OSHA Healthy Workplace Campaign 2014-2015, focused on managing stress. In DuPont, stress management is an integral part of our integrated health services, focused on processes, systems and tools to reduce stress, and at the same time providing people with the tools to increase their resilience and adaptability to the ever-changing environment. Leadership commitment is a critical element of our stress management programme. As a well-known safety, health and environment solutions provider, DuPont Sustainable Solutions business works with many companies across the world to integrate health, and specifically stress management, into their HSE organisation and programmes."

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Business sector:
Service provider
Mission statement:
DuPont Sustainable Solutions (DSS) is one of 12 DuPont businesses. Bringing customers the benefits of an integrated global consulting service and process technology enterprise, DSS applies DuPont’s real-world experience, history of innovation, problem-solving success, and strong brands to help organisations transform their workplaces and work cultures to become safer, more operationally efficient and more environmentally sustainable.
Our Campaign Pledge:

DuPont Sustainable Solutions has joined the Healthy Workplaces Campaign, the flagship initiative of the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA). This campaign serves both to advocate for improved health and safety within the workplace, and also to provide resources to educate companies of all sizes on how to manage such issues effectively.  For this biennium, the focus is on managing stress.

To support the campaign, DuPont Sustainable Solutions will be disseminating information and holding dedicated sessions about managing work-related stress and psychosocial risks, both internally and with clients.

DuPont Sustainable Solutions

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