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Contractor Safety Alliance (CSA)

Contractor Safety Alliance (CSA)

Kris De Meester


"Projects and work involving plant-owners and contractors require good collaboration to ensure good safety and health of all people involved, including dealing with the psychosocial aspects that might arise from time pressure, complexity, constantly changing working conditions, and emergency situations."

Type of organisation:
Employer organisations
Business sector:
Mission statement:
CSA is an international alliance bringing together national and branch organisations running contractor safety schemes. Our aim is continuous improvement of safety and health in the plant-owner/contractor relationship. Our organisation’s target group includes ‘plant-owners’ (plus their clients and main contacts) and contractors who they are in partnership with.
Our Campaign Pledge:

We will bring our industry partners together to spread the word, exchange good practices and seek ways to improve how psychosocial aspects are dealt with in future versions of our contractor safety management schemes. A joint event with BusinessEurope is envisaged.

Contractor Safety Alliance (CSA)

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Contact Persons

Kris De Meester