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Conféderation Européenne des Syndicats Indépendants (CESI)

Conféderation Européenne des Syndicats Indépendants (CESI)

Klaus Heeger

Secretary General

"The OSHA Healthy Workplaces Campaign 2014-15 is more needed than ever: in times of crisis, more and more work has to be done by less people, which is at the basis of stress and stress related diseases. Therefore it is important to raise awareness and to keep our workers healthy."

Type of organisation:
Trade unions
Business sector:
Public services, Services of General Economic Interest
Mission statement:
The European Confederation of Independent Trade Unions (CESI – Confédération européenne des syndicats indépendants)is a European umbrella organisation, with members from EU member-states and associated countries. CESI is not attached to any political party and defends trade union pluralism on a European level. Through its member organisations, CESI represents several million employees. CESI champions better living and working conditions, as well as the progress of Europe’s social dimension. The European challenge Trade unions in Europe are facing big challenges. Demographic change, the lack of jobs in many Member States, state debt and globalisation are forcing Europe to come up with new answers. The European Confederation of Independent Trade Unions (CESI) is committed to European unity and wants the success of Europe to benefit its members and the millions of workers that it represents. CESI is an independent organisation and is in favour of trade union pluralism at European level. It is not party political and advocates better living and working conditions as well as the further development of the European social model. Strong affiliates – valued partners CESI’s strengths are its affiliates. The organisation harnesses the skills of its member organisations and brings them together in their specialist committees and sectoral organisations. These skills are what make CESI a valued partner of the Parliament, Council and Commission. Furthermore, some of our members have a seat and vote in the European Economic and Social Committee and thus are doing their bit to broaden CESI’s scope of influence. Policy advisor – the Europe Academy CESI feels that its role is to help shape policy and advise those devising it. Along with its educational institution, the Europe Academy, it develops and discusses new ideas. Its specialist conferences, which affiliates are welcome to attend, provide a forum for getting to grips with the latest issues in European policy. The Europe Academy will also make a contribution to employee training in Europe with its attractive range of future seminars on offer. At the heart of Europe CESI’s Brussels offices are located in close proximity to the European institutions and are used by CESI’s organs and affiliates. However, the premises, which benefit from modern conference facilities and interpreting booths, are also open to CESI’s partners and third organisations.
Our Campaign Pledge:

We would like to disseminate the relevant information about the campaign to our member organisations, by sending them sample press releases which they can publish in their publications/websites. Furthermore we are going to provide articles on our website and want to adopt a position paper which allows us to lobby towards the European institutions.

Conféderation Européenne des Syndicats Indépendants (CESI)

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