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CEFS, European Association of Sugar Producers

CEFS, European Association of Sugar Producers

Johann Marihart


"In December 2013 the EU decided to put an end, by 2017, to the quota system that has so far provided a reliable and stable framework to the sector while protecting the EU market against the excessive volatility of the world sugar market. As a result of this new reform, the whole economic organisation of the EU sugar sector will fundamentally change. It will be faced with more volatility and instability caused by a variety of factors. Some of these factors are out of our control, but there are others that we can influence to the best of our ability. We can, for example, increase our productivity and efficiency through longer processing campaigns, but this will at the same time put to a test our organisational capacities and may, if not prevented, be a source of stress for our workers. For that reason, the European sugar sector is thrilled to be an official partner of this pan-European campaign to increase awareness about psychosocial risks at work, how to prevent, detect and manage them."

Type of organisation:
Employer organisations
Business sector:
Sugar, primary food processing, agri-businesses
Mission statement:
The CEFS represents all European sugar manufacturers and refiners in the EU and Switzerland. The substance of CEFS work is to: 1) carry out studies relating to agricultural and technological problems connected with the sugar industry 2) examine questions concerning food and health 3) organise meetings of scientific and/or technical nature 4) collect, to this effect, information of a statistical or documentary nature 5) provide the liaison between its members, to ensure their representation in international bodies and institutions together with the joint analysis and resolution of problems related to the sugar industry in the technical, economic and legal fields. 6) represent its members among the European Institutions (Council of Ministers, European Commission, European Parliament, Economic and Social Committee, etc) and among different international organisations (FAO, WTO, etc)
Our Campaign Pledge:

CEFS together with its members present in 21 EU member States will promote the EU-OSHA campaign in order to increase awareness about how to best prevent, detect and manage stress and psychosocial risks at work.  We will add campaign related website banners and provide a dedicated page on our main website (www.cefs.org) and  social partner’s joint website (www.eurosugar.org). A new version of the eurosugar.org website will be released at the beginning of 2015. We intend to invite an OSHA expert to our social dialogue meeting to explain the campaign and the key issues in dealing with stress at work. We will distribute information further to all our members and we will collect good practice examples on the prevention and management of stress at work among all our members.

CEFS, European Association of Sugar Producers

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