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Markus J. Beyrer

Director General

"Employers are committed to protecting workers’ from health and safety risks at the workplace, including psychosocial risks such as stress. We are convinced that good safety and health performance helps business competitiveness. Avoiding high levels of staff absence and sickness is not only positive for workers but also for business continuity. Different approaches are needed for different workplaces. Cultural and individual attitudes to stress have to be taken into account. Such issues are often extremely sensitive and personal, therefore companies need good advice and tools. We hope that this campaign will help in providing them. We are looking forward to actively engaging in the campaign to ensure that the business community’s voice is heard in this debate."

Type of organisation:
Employer organisations
Business sector:
Cross-sector employer organisation
Mission statement:
As a strategic partner of the European Agency, BUSINESSEUROPE is committed to working together to promote the campaign. As the leading advocate for growth and competitiveness at European level, we will provide the voice of employers and companies across the continent in the campaign. Committed to a preventive approach, we aim to raise awareness of the business case for health and safety actions taken at company level. We will showcase how companies deal with work-related stress in an effective and efficient way and how simple and adaptable tools can really help.
Our Campaign Pledge:

BUSINESSEUROPE will work with the European Agency and other relevant actors to promote the campaign. We will reach out to our member federations and individual companies to raise awareness of the business case for preventive health and safety actions, including in the area of work-related stress. We will do so via a dedicated page on our website and by other electronic means. We will join others in calling for simple, adaptable and effective tools to help companies take action. We will highlight that companies are committed to tackling psychosocial risks at the workplace and provide employers’ views on the issues at stake.  


Our campaign message


Avenue de Cortenbergh 168

1000 Brussels




Tel: + 32 (0) 2237 6511

Fax: + 32 (0) 2231 1445

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Rebekah Smith