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Behavioural Science Technology International (BSTI)

Behavioural Science Technology International (BSTI)

Guy Boyd

Regional General Manager

""Behavioral Science Technology, Inc. is a global safety consulting firm that helps companies create injury-free workplaces. Since 1979, when BST pioneered behavior-based safety, leading organisations in every industry have relied on BST to help them reduce occupational injuries, improve organisational functioning, and develop strong safety leadership and culture. From this vast experience, we firmly believe and support this campaign since through our research we know and can demonstrate that ‘working together on risk prevention’ - by engaging the workforce and through leaders who show the right behaviours on a daily basis - is one of the key ingredients for safety improvement. We find it important to help the countries in Europe and all companies within these countries to understand the fundamental elements hereof so that they can work on improving safety, and thus prevent people from getting injured.""

Type of organisation:
Business sector:
Safety Consultancy
Mission statement:
…makes work safer… …by transforming the safety functioning of client organizations … …through data and research…. …we are able to generate thought leadership… …allowing us to deliver innovative solutions and methodology… …fundamentally changing behaviors and beliefs at every level… …to deliver tangible, measurable and sustainable results… …meaning fewer people get hurt or killed
Our Campaign Pledge:

As indicated in the sections above, we want to work through the customers and other people in our database to spread the importance of working on workforce engagement and leadership support. We are also looking to support EU-OSHA directly through access to our knowledge base and indirectly by collaborating with other organisations or federations that support this campaign.

Behavioural Science Technology International (BSTI)

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Contact Persons

Sofie Vanderlinden

Health and Safety Representative

Martin Dean