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ArcelorMittal Distribution Solutions SA

ArcelorMittal Distribution Solutions SA


CEO, Distribution Solutions

""Our 2013 results in Health and Safety have continued to be very encouraging. We have been able to see a significant improvement in our results and this can only be done thanks to strong commitment and a dedicated approach to safety. We have again managed together to bring our frequency rate down below the target set for the whole year 2013. This is great news and looking at this promising trend, we are able to imagine that all the actions and initiatives that we have all worked upon over the last months and others still running, are creating a sustainable breakthrough, with the possibility of a zero accident environment becoming more and more a reality.""

Type of organisation:
Business sector:
Steel Industry
Mission statement:
We are people and customer driven... to succeed in engaging our employees and customers in order to boost our financial performance and create value for all stakeholders. Thanks to our worldwide network, ArcelorMittal Distribution Solutions is the world’s largest steel distributor and processor. Our sales teams and technical consultants right across the world endeavour to provide customised steel products and solutions for our customers' specific needs.
Our Campaign Pledge:

The best and most successful ambassadors are those who own the project and so within ArcelorMittal Distribution Solutions we are striving to ensure that our 15000 employees embrace our strong ‘zero accident’ safety culture and behaviour. Health and Safety concerns all aspects of our business and all people from the shopfloor to our managers and beyond. One of our key objectives is to develop our awareness campaign towards our external contacts and subcontractors to ensure that they are treated in and behave in the same way as our own employees with regards to health and safety and in particular how risks are managed on and off our sites. More and more we see that we have to deal with behavioral issues and therefore stress management comes clearly into the picture. Through our involvement as an official partner and the implementation of the current Campaign about stress, we will be able to move another step further on our road to achieving our ultimate goal, a healthy workplace for all.

ArcelorMittal Distribution Solutions SA

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